New Jersey Acting Studio


You can read my bio on this website and learn all about my acting career.

You can Google my name or go to to see that I’ve been a working actor for over forty years.

I mention this because I want you to be aware of the difference between a professional actor and someone who has never worked in the business and makes empty promises.

I’ve had so many parents of young actors or even adults tell me they were approached in the mall, or saw an ad on TV where someone was telling them that they could be in commercials, movies or on a Disney show just by taking their class.

This is just not true.

NEVER believe anyone who tells you this.

NEVER pay money to anyone who guarantees you’ll work in this business!

The thing I can guarantee you is that if you have never acted before I can teach you how and if you are already a working actor I can inspire you to work harder so that you are better prepared when that next audition comes along.

I know how the “business” of an acting career works and I can help guide you with less mistakes, time and money.

When I was very young I performed in local plays and musicals. When I stepped in front of the camera, I realized very quickly that although “acting is acting” when you act in Television and Film the performance must change. I will show you the difference between stage acting and acting for the camera.

No matter what your age or experience the craft of acting is truly a freeing experience. It builds confidence, helps communication skills, reading skills, expands imagination and I believe makes you more sensitive to the world and people around you.

Acting is an amazing adventure whether you want it as a career or as a way to build confidence and further express yourself.

If this sounds good I believe the New Jersey Acting Studio is the place for you.

Expect The Best!