New Jersey Acting Studio



PRIVATE LESSONS (Kids, Teens and Adults)

Private lessons are a great way to prepare a new student for entering a group class or to accelerate your learning while attending group classes. We will work one-on-one with you to develop and enhance your acting skills, specifically tailored to YOUR needs.

AUDITION COACHING (Kids, Teens and Adults)

When you get a call from your agent for a theatrical audition we are here to help you get that job! There is nothing better than working with a coach who can help guide and explore various ideas that give the actor more to choose from. Every audition is another opportunity to make a great impression and build a relationship with the casting director.

AUDITION TAPING (Kids, Teens and Adults)

Putting yourself on tape has become the industry standard for many theatrical auditions. I will work with you to get a great performance and send it to your agent or the casting director.
Sadie Sink